Well, no one really knows what happens on the other side, so you might as well live the best life you can while you’re here.
— Allan White

A man of integrity and justice. A pragmatist. A life of gratitude, freedom and resilience.

Of the 15 patients in the pilot program, Allan showed the most acceptance and peaceful preparation toward the end of his life.

He’d lived a life that he was proud of. He knew he was unwell and that his body would not live for much longer, so he wanted to spend the final part of his life with as much peace and gratitude as possible.

Through this approach, it seemed to me that it allowed more of the life in his spirit to come to the surface and be cultivated and shared with the people around him.

He had an interesting perspective on life after death, during our Session he spoke about it in a light, casual kind of way. He would talk about the different beliefs of religions around the world and that although he didn’t follow any specifically, he did feel a personal sense of spirituality and being part of a larger picture.

Further to his quote above, he said “you might as well be the best person you can be in this life, just in case it does matter on the other side”. He said it with a sparkle in his eye and a soft warmth in his face. It seemed to me like the best kind of life/death insurance you could invest in.