It brings out the best in me. My family, my culture, my love. You’ve represented all the greatest things in my life.
— Ane Malauulu

Ane exemplified the powerful shift that can happen for some people faced with a life-limiting disease.

To make the transition from anger and fear and to be able to find acceptance and peace, is perhaps one of the most profound transformations that a person can experience in this life stage. It can allow scared space for living the most of their remaining time with openness and connection to the people around them. It doesn't happen for every person, for many reasons - from the level of illness, emotional processing, spiritual influence and support - but if it can, it is a true gift that impacts the quality of a persons life.

The Pressing Session, with both Ane and her husband Ben present, covered stories of love across cultures (Ane being Samoan and Ben being Tongan), courage in the face of illness, stories of their beautiful daughters and reflections on what makes up the meaning of their lives.

I felt a great sense of reality and softness in the room. The challenges Ane and her family faced were real and unavoidable. The sadness, grief and layers of the time they were sharing were self-evident. Yet there were smiles, there was laughter, there were tears filled with salty, glistening gratitude and love.

Ane described her transformation from anger to acceptance as being influenced by her spirituality and a realisation that this would be the best approach to her life experience now.

The artwork reflects this strength and warrior-like resilience. A powerful, beautiful human soul indeed.