I can’t tell you how much your artwork of Bruce’s life and the time that you spent with Marion and Bruce has done for his final weeks here with us. It’s all Marion can talk about, she wants your artwork displayed at the funeral and she deliberately scooped all the confetti off Bruce’s bed and saved it. She wants it to go into the coffin during his final journey.
— Kim Cawood, daughter-in-law

A week after Bruce’s Pressing Session, he passed away.

Although he had been unwell, it was not expected that he might pass so soon.

We felt so lucky to have the chance to not only provide Bruce and his wife Marion the therapeutic experience of the Session, but to also ensure his stories were captured just in time.

His family were so appreciative that we were able to capture his stories, in fine art, photography and audio, when we did.

The audio played a role in the creation of Bruce’s eulogy and provided a mechanism for storytelling and generational sharing into the future.