I felt so comfortable telling you our stories - I trusted you easily. I felt an intuitive connection with you - I can see in the artworks what you see in my stories, it’s very special. I didn’t realise how much this experience would mean to me - whenever I look at the Ink-Pressings it helps me to see love, happiness and pain all at once and find peace within that.
— Karen Chick, Derek’s wife

Derek and Karen Chick

At the time of our Session, Derek’s speech was limited. Due to his condition his answers were limited to ‘yes’ along with some simple sounds. We held the Session in Derek’s room, with Karen sharing stories of the life she and Derek had shared together for many years.

It was at this point in the project that I realised just how much love matters in our lifetimes. I learnt a great deal from Karen on just what it meant to love and care for someone.

She shared stories that were filled with gratitude for the beauty she experienced in everyday life with Derek.

She spoke about their home and their garden and the unwavering connection they retained despite changes in her husband’s physical wellness.