A series of Pressing Sessions with doctors, therapists and staff to create a major Ink-Pressing piece. We discussed ideas around life and death, grief and meaning, the intersection between personal passion and professional practice and why we all do what we do. Some powerful moments shared, some deeper connections between us formed. 

Shared values amongst the team emerged - the importance of seeing the full human in the hospital bed, hearing their story beyond symptom reporting and giving generous patience to the full circle of care.

Empathy was another strong area of exploration. Defining the line between caring to the right degree - enough to give deep support but whilst also retaining a sense of balance in order to remain a rational, effective practitioner. This is a space that can only be understood by doing. There are days when a doctor, nurse, therapist or administrator will go home feeling the full impact of their work. They need their own circle of care and processing tools to balance their work and emotional experiences. It's different for everyone - exercise, family, healthy eating, time out, sleep and regular debriefing sessions with colleagues were all key factors in most people's professional practice.

This artwork represents all of those complex elements that go into the holistic care offered on the ward. Medical, emotional, spiritual and existential factors all come together to facilitate the best end of life experience possible for a patient. This piece is filled with moving components of colour and energy. It will be featured at the entry to the ward as a symbol of solidarity and connection between the professional team and those being cared for. A symbol of positivity, courage, hope and humanity.