Flutter Lyon is a performer, author, experiential designer and, most uniquely, the world’s first Ink-Pressing artist.

Developed 10 years ago, Ink-Pressings are striking symmetrical ink artworks, created using ink-filled syringes that represent life maps of human beings’ life stories. During Pressing Sessions, Flutter has recorded some of the most intimate and significant moments in people’s lives, integrating art and health in a compelling new way.

She is currently leading the Reflected Legacy program in the Palliative Care Unit at Liverpool Hospital and the international #500LIVES project.

Reflected Legacy is a groundbreaking arts and health program that complements the holistic care of palliative care patients and their families. The program captures the life stories of patients in the final days of their life, as Ink-Pressing artworks and sound recordings, as a record of legacy and as a unique experience of release and reflection at this potent moment in the human journey. In 2015 the first Reflected Legacy book was published. The project is about to expand into a hospital-based training program that will train six new artists in the art form and experiential practice, allowing these artists to then lead the Reflected Legacy program in additional Australian hospitals. You can discover more at reflectedlegacy.com

#500LIVES is an international project currently in motion, that is capturing the life stories of 500 human beings during 500 Pressing Sessions. This is a significant public art undertaking that not only helps individual people to understand the meaning and journey of their human lives, but is also acting as a survey of the human experience on a fundamental level. Through a series of intimate questions about life experiences of courage, freedom, joy, love, strength and resilience, Flutter captures the stories shared in these Sessions as highly personalised Ink-Pressing artworks and sound recordings. By capturing such a substantial number of these stories, it is a fascinating exploration of the things that make us similar and the things that make us all so incredibly different. Flutter is currently sharing her insights as the project unfolds, as well as a rich catalogue of the lives captured at 500LIVES.com

Ink-Pressing artworks have been featured in fashion and homeware collections and people have had the art tattooed onto their own skin as a lasting symbol of courage, freedom and strength.

Flutter Lyon has exhibited, performed and spoken at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Vivid Festival, Powerhouse Museum, The Australian Museum, Orange and Gunnedah Regional Galleries and various venues throughout New York City. She has undertaken mentorships with industry leaders in fine art, neuroscience, psychology and leadership, been featured in major Australian and international culture publications and is working on a book of her findings in creativity and human development.

Flutter Lyon is the artistic name of the human being Robyn Wilson. Her artsy name has become something greater than the individual woman, it's kind of the name of the studio and she is moving more into the role of Creative Director as new artists join the studio - and they begin to make their own mark with the practice. You can call her Flutter or Robyn or Frank or Fancypants. Whatever your mouth enjoys most.

Last but not least, Robyn Wilson is a mental health advocate and openly shares her experiences of living with Bipolar Disorder II. She has come to learn (through stumbling, fumbling, falling down and getting back up again) that this condition has given her some her greatest gifts. As an artist and experiential practitioner, the gifts of empathy, courage, vulnerability and sensitivity are some of the most powerful characteristics one can cultivate. Only by experiencing extremes of emotions at different points in her life and having had to be keenly aware of her emotional presence every single day, has she gained the ability to hold space for other human beings without judgement or surprise when they themselves show deep, raw emotion in front of her, as they share their stories. Great personal power is found through our honesty and it is only through vulnerability and non-judgement that true human connection can be cultivated. This is the most important paragraph to have read in this biography, thanks for reading all the way to the end.



If you would like to see this program come to life at your hospital or healthcare space, simply email Robyn Wilson via flutter@flutterlyon.com or call 0404 282 957 to start a conversation


If you're an artist who would like to be trained in the Reflected Legacy methodology, please email Robyn Wilson via flutter@flutterlyon.com to be added to the list to be one of the first to find out about the Training Program when it launches in the coming months


If you'd like to write a story about the groundbreaking work we're doing with this program and to explore the incredible stories human beings are sharing at the end of their lives, simply email Robyn Wilson via flutter@flutterlyon.com or call 0404 282 957 to start a conversation