I watched Gisela blossom and develop a newfound positive energy. I saw her beaming as she joyfully told the stories of her Ink-Pressings to her visitors. Gisela even regained her appetite, having her first proper meal since admission following her Pressing Session experience. What a powerful outcome for one of our patients.
— Dr. Nile Ulgen

When I spent time with Gisela, she spoke with so much beauty in her soul, yet undeniable sadness in her voice that she was dying. There were tears. There was a sense of injustice around her sickness, that she wasn’t ready for her life to come to an end.


She had loved to grow flowers. She showed me photographs of her gardens. As she shared, her eyes and spirit lit-up, becoming awash with colour. She told me about the way that her gardens brought so much freedom and joy to her life. If Gisela were planted in the ground, this is how she might grow as an Ink-Pressing flower. Strong yet delicate, full of life and colour, open and generous. An artistic interpretation of the correlation between human spirit and sensory memory.

Through releasing her stories, it seemed to help her accept and find comfort in her life and happiness lived.