Gladys is living with a metastatic cancer that impacts her memory. The creative approach that Flutter took to her Pressing Session with Gladys may have helped her access memories in unusual ways, not only bringing emotional comfort to Gladys but also making it possible for her stories to be recorded for generations to come.”
— Dr. Syed Zujajuddin Quadri

 I asked her about moments of freedom in her life. Gladys was quiet, the sound of fear too loud in her head on that day for her remembered songs of freedom to be heard.

Then we did some imagination exercises and I asked her “If you were a body of water, what would you be?”

She replied: “I would be the sheen of light that appears on a lake of water as the sun hits it. The layer of light that sits just on the surface and moves with the ripples of the air.”

Her freedom and beauty were ever present, even if her heart couldn’t feel all of it today.

I filled this piece with everything I saw and felt during our time together. I hoped it might remind Gladys of the light and beauty that is very much alive and showing in her spirit.

Art can sometimes do what words cannot.