A complex artwork created during a Pressing Session filled with rich emotion and honesty.

Gordon's family were incredibly courageous and open in their sharing and their expression of appreciation for one another.

Moments of humanity like this need to be captured and reflected, celebrated and held up as symbols of the meaning of our lives.

All we have is this one length of consciousness. We are emotional, soft, strong beings. This must be known, championed and explored throughout our lives.

I had the honour of delivering this artwork to Gordon's family at their home on the same day that he passed away.

We felt lucky to have recorded Gordon's life and legacy just in time and to be able to provide the family with something beautiful and tangible to reflect upon his existence. When I listened to his sound recording I cried some of my own tears of recognition and respect.

He was a strong, gentle man, a rock for his loved ones. I know they're experiencing sadness around his death, it is part of loving someone. But I also know that their connection to him will last far beyond his physical presence.

Death is a profound experience that can invite new layers of love and connection to the ones we care for.