A chance to share that which concerns you about the end of your human life. A moment to be heard and mirrored, knowing that what you feel and say is received without judgement.

The Pressing Session and Ink-Pressing I created for Jamal encapsulates that.

It was a time for her to openly speak about her own feelings of living with cancer and coming to terms with the limits it was placing on the length of her life.

Sometimes when people are unwell they hold their brave face, alongside their family's, as a way of moving through difficult times.

But what can happen is that the person with the illness finds it hard to ask questions, say the things out loud that no one wants to say, confront some of the reality they may be facing.

Sometimes, when these realities can be explored in a safe environment, it can lead to a greater release and balance of their personal experience. During the Session and the time following I developed a lovely rapport with Jamal and her husband John. Jamal was able to share her concerns and beautiful stories very openly with me and I spent time sitting with John following the Session that allowed him to do the same. I wasn't there to transfer stories between them. I was there to simply be a listener and captivator of the most important things. I got the sense that by providing this space of sharing for both of them individually, it might help them to through the realities they were facing together with a stronger element of connection and safety. By saying things aloud it can change the way they feel inside of us.

The human, with a diagnosis. The human, with a whole story and identity. The human, with emotions and creativity and courage. The human, with a sphere of care around them layered with love, hope and connection.

This is what a Pressing Session can do in the Palliative Care space.