I feel so happy. So full. This experience has shown me there are still people in this world with similar values. Good people are what I treasure. My life hasn’t been easy but to find people who exist likE the staff in this ward means a lot. It motivates me to keep going, to keep wanting to be well, to be alive.
— - Jeronimo Cedillo


My dear friend Jeronimo. The soft, poetic Spaniard.

I first saw him walking slowly in the corridor of the ward while I completed an artwork for another participant. I mentioned the idea of the Sessions and asked him if he’d like to experience one. He said yes and I placed him on my list for the following week.

When I returned to the hospital the following week, almost every staff member very quickly told me that Jeronimo had been asking about his Session ever since, very keen to ensure he wouldn’t miss out.

We sat together, in the light of the open corridor, to give him some fresh sunlight outside of his ward room and through his gentle but rich accent, he shared his stories.

Every single Session is a stunning experience but I felt some kind of soulistic connection to this human that I will never forget.