To do this for the patients in palliative care, for my beautiful mother, hear her laughter, and see that beautiful smile…words can not describe my gratitude, my appreciation for this experience. It is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.
— Karina Leigh, daughter of Lynette

Stories of Lynette and her family’s joy and love. Rich, layered, storytelling of shared life moments. A time to see the life they are creating together and reflect upon the value of their connection and creativity.

Additional to her Pressing Session, Lynette engaged in other means of creativity as a method of mental stimulation and relaxation during her time in the ward. Knitting toys and blankets, she utilised these activities as a form of healing and connection to her community.

When a person is so unwell and limited in their capacity to leave their room, creativity can act as a way of bringing comfort to the mind and spirit. The impact of this comfort is profound, helping to give people a sense of motivation and relief when they need it most.