It’s good to talk about the things that you can’t necessarily talk about with your family. Some things upset them too much and I try to be strong for them. To release some of what I feel to you in this way, to trust you and to see myself reflected back with such beauty, means so much. It helps me to feel stronger and able to go on.
— Melinda Quinn

 My Session experience with Melinda was a great example of the ways in which we show different layers of ourselves to the world around us, based upon the setting and the nature of our connection.


When I first starting speaking with Melinda and asking her questions about her stories, she had some gentle reservation and protection in her answers. She was a private character, preferring deep connection to those closest to her as opposed to wider reaching social presence.

As the Session unfolded however, new layers began to show. As our bond developed and she became more comfortable and trusting of me, she shared deeper personal reflections and released some of the realities of living with her illness. She was able to release some of the feelings other people might not see and that might have been too upsetting to share with her family.

Art can create these connection points, these bonding cords between humans. It can give us permission to share without judgement or expectation and allow for more complete sharing of stories and experiences that make-up the reality of our humanness.