I asked her to tell me about a time in her life that she felt free.

Sadie replied “always.”
— Flutter Lyon

My Pressing Session with Sadie was probably one of my most challenging; emotionally and personally.

At 28 years of age, it was hard to watch this young woman struggle with such severe sickness. She was in so much pain she found it hard to talk at times. Sadie just wanted to be at home. Her sister sat with us while we spoke.

I spent gentle time with Sadie, I wiped her tears, I looked into her eyes, I simply remained present in the space. I let her know I wasn’t afraid of her fear and pain, I was just there to listen and create.

We did some imagination exercises and connected on some of the things that we had in common - tattoos, music, dancing. We listened to Frank Ocean and Wiz Khalifa for the afternoon. When she was able, she shared some stories and some of the things that were most important to her.


I couldn’t take away Sadie’s physical pain, but I could give her a moment to be seen not simply as a ‘patient’ or someone who’s identity is overshadowed by their medical diagnosis or condition.

Through creating this space for sharing and recognition, she could be seen and heard for her fuller self; a real, heart-beating young woman with interests, stories, freedom and life.