I'm about to host a Pressing Session with a patient who has agreed to have Jessie sit in to observe, which is the first time I've ever invited another practitioner into the space. It's a special moment indeed - one that's necessary as we develop the training program for artists and therapists that will open for applications in the coming months.

I'm so glad I've kept on going and believing in this practice - okay, my gut didn't give me any choice really. It's really finding its feet now and it's incredible to share these experiences with other people.

This afternoon's session was particularly profound - helping a patient share things they couldn't share with anyone else in their life and making them feel seen, understood and honoured for what they felt.

I think we have so few moments and environments in our life to be completely open and celebrated for what we feel. To be told it's okay to be grieving, joyous, fighting, releasing and hoping all at once.

You and your human experience is a landscape. You do make sense. Whether you're well or unwell, climbing mountains or in a hospital bed, know this.