This was something that I needed to do - I had important things to say and (the Pressing Session) has really helped me to do that. I feel calmer, more at peace, stronger. It’s something that is everlasting.
— Siobhan O’Connor


I really needed some time to reflect and recharge after my Pressing Session experience with Siobhan. The reality of witnessing such a huge amount of beauty and softness in each humans’ spirit in this project was starting to hit me in a deep, soul-shifting way.

I was seeing more and more that beneath the exterior of a human being, that can be made up of protective layers and defence mechanisms, exists such vulnerability, love and truth.

When we are unwell, those layers seem to become more transparent and the deeper nature of our humanity becomes more seen.

If other people could see what it is I see and hear during these Sessions, I think it would have a major impact on the way they live their own lives. These storytelling Sessions start to change your perception of the human experience. You start to realise what’s important, what can be released and what should be cultivated in our souls, daily.