The Reflected Legacy Project and art in a hospital setting was a new concept to me. I found it intriguing how we could integrate art for our Palliative Care patients and their families. The first time I saw Flutter Lyon’s beautiful work and heard the concept behind this project and how she created the artwork, I knew that it was essential to try to implement this on our ward.

There were many perceived barriers when embarking on something so new. In a very short period of time it became evident that the possible benefits to all involved outweighed any initial difficulties.

I have seen many patients and families become part of this project and they have all had positive experiences when working with Flutter. I have seen people who are in the midst of sadness and grief come to peace with their life by talking about all that they have achieved and survived.

I have heard families say that they never knew some of the stories that were told and were uplifted that they now had recordings of their loved ones voice and life history. I saw some people who didn’t want to talk or open up embrace the creative and imaginative components of the project.

Staff on the ward embraced this project and noted that patients and families mood lightened and some physical symptoms eased. Staff had the opportunity to become part of an artwork for the ward. This helped the staff engage and gave them a better understanding of the processes and techniques used so that they could explain this to interested participants. The staff artwork will become a constant reminder of our first art project when it is displayed on the ward. We are hoping to continue integrating art into the healthcare system and our ward.

We are extremely grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity to give back to the people we look after – both patients and their families.

This project has been an amazing experience to be a part of. I feel extremely fortunate to have seen this project develop and have seen such incredible and positive results for the participants and also the staff. I would like to thank Flutter Lyon for attempting to widen my own imagination and in the process showed me a world of possibilities where we can give so much back to the people we have the privilege of getting to know and look after.

- Sonya Green