The Reflected Legacy book takes you on a journey into the lives of 15 people in palliative care at Liverpool Hospital, as they explore what it is like to be reaching the end of their time on this earth.

Along with the perspectives of medical staff, family members and patients on the impact of the project, you will gain unique insights into your own human experience. A remarkable exploration of the ancient art of storytelling, wrapped in colour and surrounded by gentle, fluttering confetti.

84 pages, full colour, limited edition book.



For the past 9 years Robyn Wilson (Flutter Lyon) has been developing a new therapeutic practice that provides human beings with beautiful, moving ways to share their life stories.

Ink-pressings and pressing sessions utilise symmetry, mapping, colour and conversation to result in spectacular visual biographies that become artistic objects of connection and legacy.

By taking this practice into a healthcare setting, particularly during the final stages of life, these experiences provide a vital method of comfort and empowerment to patients and families.